Evenimente Gradinita

“How we saved the world and other stories”, the first book released by IOANID

On Sunday, November 24, at the Gaudeamus Fair, we launched the book "How we saved the world and other stories", a collection of plays published by IOANID Gymnasium School, written by Professor Vlad Bălan together with our students. The stories started to be put on the sheet as early as 2017, and now we consider [...]

Children protect Romania! We planted together a new mini-forest

IOANID – Gradinita, Scoala & Liceu joined Healthy Family Association within the project “Children protect Romania – Small and ecological!”, to provide an early education, social responsibility and awareness for our students and their families about the need to revitalize green spaces. On Saturday, November 30, 2019, we joined forces to build something sustainable – […]

Preschoolers became acquainted with the climbing techniques

As part of the “A Healthy Mind in A Healthy Body” project, the children from the Crickets and the Bees groups were challenged to participate in a climbing course at the Climb Again Club Sports Association. Climbing is a complex sport, which involves strength, endurance, balance and mental control. All preschoolers were encouraged to go […]

Visiting Nana Farm:

The one-day adventure of the preschoolers aged 4-6 years old was a unique experience for most of them. After a road filled with cheers, the children were thrilled to recognize some of the farm animals that they knew only from pictures, but the horse riding center was the main attraction for them. Kind and friendly, [...]

Sports Day

One of the most awaited days of the School Program - "Know More, Be Better!" was Sports Day...because the Fireflies love movement. So, throughout the morning, the little ones channeled their overflowing energy throughout the various moving and entertaining games organized, to complete various sport competitions: stepping over obstacles, throwing the ball, jumping and running [...]