High School Clubs

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Nine tenths of education is encouragement.

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High School Clubs



While attending the Personal Branding club, the children will learn, by means of games, how to build their image which they will project onto others. They will be helped to acquire true values and to have confidence in whatever they do. Moreover, they learn how to make a difference in society, to create emotion and to gain respect, to do things responsibly, to get involved and to care, so as to encourage the others to follow their lead.


With the help of creative counselling techniques, interpersonal exercises, psychological tests and personality theories, we aim to develop:
– Trust in children’s own abilities and activating the inner resources;
– Self-knowledge abilities;
– The ability to make sensible decisions so as to be useful to themselves and to others;
– Expressing emotions in an appropriate and healthy way;
– Knowing their own system of VALUES, essential to choosing a career.


Here, the children will be taught exercises and techniques that develop thinking, through: types of thinking, acknowledgement of their own feelings, critical thinking v. lateral thinking and creativity.

They will also be introduced to directions of thinking and they will learn the algorithm of correct decision-making through class games.


This club aims at the development of lateral thinking and acumen through practicing inductive/ deductive reasoning, creativity in finding and testing the most solutions for the given problem (enigma).


„PLAYING PROJECT MANAGEMENT” is an interactive workshop that aims at educating children so as to be efficient, by understanding that any activity is a project that must take into consideration three things: expenses, time and performance.

The project method, role-playing, brainstorming, the 3-6-5 technique, the conversation, problem solving and learning by discovery are all the ways that lead up to the acquisition of thinking abilities and to run a team project, in a pleasant and interactive manner.


This course takes the children on a voyage through Cinema, from its beginnings to the present day. We will start from the Lumière Brothers and the first film ever made, Chaplin’s silent movies, and then go to the all-talking moving picture (The Jazz Singer), the color film (Edward Turner) and we will go through the film genres (comedy, drama, thriller, animation and so on), famous actors, famous directors, all this information being structured and designed to suit the children’s age.


Maris Cocris, with her 9 years’ experience in contemporary dance and ballet, and 5 international accreditations in yoga classes for children, aims at gathering the young ones in a club where they can play, relax and learn to breathe in a way they have never been used to before.


While attending the tennis club, held on the court at no.21, Nicolae Iorga Street, the children will be trained by use of specific methods and using equipment suitable for their age and training level. All gear will be provided by the organizing team.


In order to support the importance of physical education in children’s lives, the Laguna Sharks club renew their project –  “Respect” – education through basketball, whose aims are:
– Free, upright and harmonious development of the child’s personality;
– The development of intellectual, psychomotor and social skills;
– The development of practical skills ;
– The stimulation of the children’s interest in sports and physical education, as a means of maintaining health.


IOANID Secondary School proposes parenting programmes and individual sessions of counselling to the parents and the students, respectively. The individual sessions are especially designed for the children who have emotional difficulties, for those who have a hard time relating to others or coping with the school environment, or for those who want to take part in activities that develop creativity or in games that help them improve their relationships.


Foreign languages help people make new friends, enjoy the time spent in new environments, to deepen their knowledge on new cultures. For this reason, all those who wish to expand their culture and to understand other peoples’ mentalities, can do so by enrolling in our foreign languages clubs. The classes can be individual or in groups, and the children will be able to study French, German, Spanish or Chinese.


The children who study the piano develop good mental health, the ability to focus and learn , the esthetic sensibility and musical expression.

The lessons are meant for all those who want to master the art of playing such a fine instrument, younger or older alike.

  • ARTS

This club enables us to turn back in time. We begin with the idea of customization of space, the symbols and the honesty of gesture. The contemporary period should provide us with the letter, the pigment and the tools we work with. The result  – graffiti (projects).


It all starts with a Date
individual study
Our team understands that the high school students do not respond according to our expectations, to the passivity that characterizes the teaching process, which is why our main objective is to create learning experiences that will attract them. The teaching will be an interactive process, exposing the participants to learning experiences and practical workshops. Our mission is to stimulate high school students, preparing them as future adults in an environment where the traditional static process becomes dynamic and captivating.
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It all starts with a Date
Our institution gives its students the opportunity to continue their studies both in our country and abroad, with the chance to enroll at international universities. Our team of counselors prepares for the high school individual action plans, which will help them to obtain access at the top faculties from abroad, guiding them to prepare the admissions files and to take the exams, depending on the chosen field.
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It all starts with a Date
Volunteer and professional
guidance programs
IOANID school counselors develop volunteer programs in various fields, on social topics (mentoring for students from partner centers, support provided to animal care teams etc.) or professional counseling and guidance workshops in order to identify skills and choose the right career in the future. Our activities are carried out either at the IOANID headquarters (where we invite representatives from areas identified by students as representing interest - medicine, law, entertainment, blogging / vlogging, etc.) or our partners (Orange, Virgin Radio, Chance for Life Foundation, etc.).
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