“How we saved the world and other stories”, the first book released by IOANID

On Sunday, November 24, at the Gaudeamus Fair, we launched the book “How we saved the world and other stories”, a collection of plays published by IOANID Gymnasium School, written by Professor Vlad Bălan together with our students.

The stories started to be put on the sheet as early as 2017, and now we consider that we have grown enough to share them with. The “fingerprint” of the little ones is seen from the playful way of approaching the texts, being a suitable reading for all ages.

Next, we quote the speech of our student, who was present at the event.

I’m Tudor Boștină and I like to think that this guy on the cover is me. I was once scared to speak on stage in front of people, but now the situation has changed, because, at the right time, someone knew how to encourage me to speak in public. I’m here to talk to you about him.

The book ‘How we saved the world and other stories” is the sum of our artistic activities. Although Vlad told us that we have equal lines, I liked to believe that I had the main role, whether I was Apollodor, a spy or the storyteller.

What Vlad taught us is not about the Math exam or the thesis at the Romanian language. It’s something else, just as important, don’t get me wrong, that’s probably why I manage to talk to you today. Vlad knew how to encourage everyone to express themselves, to manifest and to behave when we want to convey a message in front of a crowd.

We are not talking about acting talent here, there are very few who have it. However, he knew how to make our chaos and failure unforgettable moments for both us, the actors on the stage and for the audience. Many times I have felt more motivated perhaps even than a professional actor to take the play to the end and be a success.

I have full confidence that everyone who will attend the course will live what I have experienced. I repeat, today I can speak in front of the public because of the man who did not sit in the teacher’s chair, but chose the place the friend, next to me, to support me in the search for the road to success.

The collection of newly released plays is written by Vlad Balan, but it is our story, of all magicians, aliens and dinosaurs.

Thank you very much, Vlad, for your help!