Children protect Romania! We planted together a new mini-forest

IOANID – Gradinita, Scoala & Liceu joined Healthy Family Association within the project “Children protect Romania – Small and ecological!”, to provide an early education, social responsibility and awareness for our students and their families about the need to revitalize green spaces.

On Saturday, November 30, 2019, we joined forces to build something sustainable – we planted together a new mini-forest, where each tree was named after the child who adopted it. The Healthy Family Association and its volunteers, full of craftsmanship and skill, under the careful supervision and with the help of forestry specialists from Branești planted over 15,000 trees.

The activity took place in Pustnicu Forest, Branești, Ilfov, and its results are visible: afforestation of 2.5 hectares of land specially prepared for this purpose.

The action is part of an eco-civic education program initiated by the Healthy Family Association, in which all kindergartens and schools in Bucharest and Ilfov are invited and, together with their students and their families, every spring and autumn we “give birth” to children’s forests.