Preschoolers became acquainted with the climbing techniques

As part of the “A Healthy Mind in A Healthy Body” project, the children from the Crickets and the Bees groups were challenged to participate in a climbing course at the Climb Again Club Sports Association. Climbing is a complex sport, which involves strength, endurance, balance and mental control.

All preschoolers were encouraged to go beyond their limits, in a safe and friendly environment. Under the constant supervision and guidance of experienced instructors, the children were initiated into the climbing process, which was enjoyable and challenging due to the varied games.

The activity was centered on learning the essential techniques of climbing, but the children were also motivated by the love for movement and nature. In addition to the benefits of physical development, other benefits of participating in climbing classes include the stimulation of creativity, but also the emotional and intellectual development of the personality of the little ones.

Can’t wait for our next adventure!