IOANID Halloween Party

Vineri, 26 octombrie, elevii de la ciclul gimnazial și liceu s-au imbracat in cele mai scarry, funny, creative personaje și au participat la Halloween Party. Costumati in The Joker, Mireasa Insangerata, Dracula, Mad Hatter, elevii au participat la mai multe competitii: Photo Challenge, Wrap The Mummy si The Best Costume. Profesorii s-au intrecut si ei [...]

Andra Gogan teaches IOANID’s students the benefits of recycling

On Wednesday, the 24th October, the vlogger, actress and singer  Andra Gogan came to IOANID School to show the children the benefits of recycling. The artist confessed that she likes to take advantage of her influence among youngsters, to support the positive campaigns for the planet. The students who knew the answers to her questions - [...]

IOANID Fun Run, the school’s funniest race, Second edition

Taking into consideration the contestants’ enthusiasm during the first edition, this year we organised a second IOANID Fun Run, the funniest race for children and parents, giving them the chance to socialize and train together in an informal environment. IOANID Fun Run, second edition meant running races, gymnastics, fencing, dance routines for the mothers, football [...]

The beginning of the 2018-2019 school year

Here we are again, embracing a new beginning! It is a special one, indeed, as it marks IOANID’s 10th year of offering our students a successful pathway, beautiful memories and friendships to last a lifetime! We would like to express our appreciation to all of you who are part of this beautiful community, students, parents [...]